The Seattle Surprise

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When a local artist, Septimus Odell, suddenly disappears after a hugely successful blockbuster exhibition it sets into action a trail of events which turns the art world on its head.  Initially Frank Ball pays little attention to this contemporary art phenomenon but when it begins to impact his business, he begins to sit up and take notice putting Catherine in on the search too.  Already,  though,  the Carters out of Toronto, Gerry Gray and even Bernie Fons have already the jump on them and have been pulling out all the stops to snatch the artist away from his current gallery – that is if and when they can find him.  Belatedly, Phillip Jang from Beijing also seeks the artist out to absent himself from his sudden business troubles.

Trade Paperback. 235 pages. $19.95 plus GST.

First printing June 2015.

ISBN 978-0-9919491-1-3


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