The Portland Payoff

Portland Payoff – Antique Mystery Novel

antiques mystery novel set in England, Vancouver RenoThis is the second novel in the series featuring dealers Frank Ball, Catherine and Colin from Regency Antiques in Vancouver.

This story has its roots in the late stages of WW2. The chance availability of a valuable artifact surfacing in the United States leads Frank and Company into Oregon on a merry chase to buy it.

Their local competition already has the jump on them and the appearance of the glamorous and determined dealer Isobel Carter from Toronto further complicates matter.

Unforeseen consequences of an industrial accident back in the 1960s comes into play as the characters all converge on the summer Portland Antiques Expo show. They race to be the first to locate the treasure they are all desperately hoping to find, with surprising results for Ball & Co.

“Enticing plus, an insight on how to score at the Portland Antiques Fair, or any other fair for that matter.”
– Frank Shorrock, The Source, Vancouver.

“What a ride! A thrilling romp down I-5 after elusive treasure, with several unexpected diversions and a great ending no-one could predict!”
–Gareth Davies, The Antiques Warehouse, Vancouver.

“Robin has captured the agony and the ecstasy of the antiques world. Some of the characters felt like old friends.”
–Andrea Macaione, Antiques Dealer, Seattle.

“Author Robin Williams’ intelligence is evident on every page. It is clear he knows a lot about the world of antiques. It is his passion that makes this story come to life. Never before has the gritty world of antique shows been so accurately described. Every elbow thrown between seniors, every item smoothly stolen from table tops and every sound, smell, and sight are present. For anyone wondering if there really is any danger to collecting antiques, look no further than Portland Payoff.

Williams also has a keen ability to make every character, even the minor ones, feel real. When a pushy man trying to get information about someone’s whereabouts bullies a young woman, the reader can envision the fear on her face and can feel pity for her plight. Williams creates this emotional reaction in the reader with only a few sentences.”
–Andrew Keyser, Portland Book Review

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Hampshire Antiques
1622 W. 75th Ave
Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6P 6G2

ISBN 978-0-9919491-0-6


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Trade Paperback. 190 pages. $19.95 plus GST.
1st printing July, 2013.

Distribution through Hampshire Antiques. Postage & packing in Canada and the US $4.00. Signed copies available upon request.