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Welcome to Hampshire Antiques Ltd in Vancouver, B.C.. We are now located on 1622 W. 75th Ave on the Mezzanine Floor in the Greenhawk Building. We are open by appointment only from Tuesday to Saturday 11-4.  Feel free to phone us if these hours do not work for you. We can then set a mutual agreeable time.

We have a large stock of unusual and decorative antiques and paintings.. We also have furniture, mainly smaller items from $350 and up. Hanging on our walls are about a hundred old framed prints, watercolours and oil paintings in the $100 to $45,000 range.

We guarantee the authenticity of all the antiques we sell and they are all restored to perfect condition. Any piece that is restored is marked as such.

Movie Rentals

Virtually all our varied inventory is for Rental.  Our rental rates are as follows;

  • 1 week:     10%
  • 2 weeks:    15%
  • 3 weeks:    20%
  • 4 weeks:    25%

On some high priced items and/or long term rentals, prices are negotiable.

Our antique paintings have been categorized by size. Please click on the link below.

All these paintings listed can be signed off on.

Check out more on our antique inventory:

Silver, Asian, Decorative Items, Furniture, Rental Paintings  (Large, Medium, Small), Pottery & Porcelain

Clocks & WatchesGreat Gifts, Rare Books


Just Published! The Seattle Surprise

book cover

The Seattle Surprise is now available.

The long awaited third title in the Regency Antiques antique mystery novels series The Seattle Surprise has just been published.  I am having some advance copies at the Arbutus Village Shopping Mall on Saturday, July 4. A regular book signing for the fall will be scheduled after everyone has returned from summer holidays

When a local artist, Septimus Odell, suddenly disappears after a hugely successful blockbuster exhibition it sets into action a trail of events which turns the art world on its head.

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Four Star Rating for antiques mystery novel The Portland Payoff

antiques mystery novel set in England, Vancouver Reno

“Author Robin Williams’ intelligence is evident on every page. It is clear he knows a lot about the world of antiques. It is his passion that makes this story come to life. Never before has the gritty world of antique shows been so accurately described. Every elbow thrown between seniors, every item smoothly stolen from table tops and every sound, smell, and sight are present. For anyone wondering if there really is any danger to collecting antiques, look no further than Portland Payoff.

Williams also has a keen ability to make every character, even the minor ones, feel real. When a pushy man trying to get information about someone’s whereabouts bullies a young woman, the reader can envision the fear on her face and can feel pity for her plight. Williams creates this emotional reaction in the reader with only a few sentences.”
–Andrew Keyser, Portland Book Review

This is the second novel in the series featuring dealers Frank Ball, Catherine and Colin from Regency Antiques in Vancouver.

This story has its roots in the late stages of WW2. The chance availablity of a valuable artifact surfacing in the United States leads Frank and Company into Oregon on a merry chase to buy it.

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antiques mystery novel set in England, Vancouver RenoThe Road to Reno is an antiques mystery novel set in Vancouver & Reno, Nevada, It features Catherine, Colin & Frank Ball of Regency Antiques.

Road to Reno Fun Read for Antiquers’
– Old Stuff Magazine.

‘Road to Reno reveals the competition, rivalries and jockeying for position that go on behind the scenes in the antiques world’ 
– Maine Antiques Digest.

‘It is a great read.’
– Arabella Magazine.

‘Robin Williams’ discernible knowledge of and passion for the art and antique industry shines through the detailed adventure he has created in The Road to Reno.  Equally obvious is his love of mystery, providing the reader with a story layered with equal parts action and intrigue.’
– Rob Cowley. Joyner Waddington’s Canadian Fine Art.

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